Media Utils


Media utils is a collection of utilities for managing digital photos, movies, and music.
photo-sorter copies all the files in a given directory to a date-sentric directory hierchey with timestamp based filenames.
media-gallery creates an HTML photo or movie gallery for a directory full of photos or movies. Galleries are created with thumbnails, medium-sized images, and full-size images. Image scaling is handled using ImageMagick. Movie transcoding/scaling is handled by FFMPEG.


Media utils is still very much under development. I use it to automate everything I feel like doing, but the user interface is pretty scary. And it probably only does what I want it to do. And that's pretty much fine with me. Take what's here, use it, that's great. But if smoke comes out of your computer, that's not my problem. ;-)

The sources can be browsed here or cloned from git://